30 Mar 2018
The good friday

Friday 30th March

Today saw our final day skiing in Wagrain, it is fair to say aesthetically Austria saved the best until last. What initially appeared to be an overcast and gloomy day, led to us climbing above the clouds on a chair lift to see brilliant sunshine - giving the appearance that were skiing on our own island.

What followed was a final morning skiing around the mountain, a brief stop for lunch at the donut restaurant and then some awards from the instructors; notably Tommy Harland Fairweather winning the quickest on the slalom, not only from Seaford, but of everyone who did it from the entire ski school, like a young Fanny Schmeller!

The day was finished by the top two groups skiing down the entire mountain, the other two skiing half way and getting the Graphenburg Xpress lift.

It then came to the students giving back in their ski gear, after which a slightly sombre, sleepy group of children boarded a bus back to the hotel.

This evening saw the students pack their bags and tidy their rooms, before going out for pizza. A nice touch being that the instructors also joined us, to say thank you for for their efforts with the students all week. At the dinner, the final Seaford Awards were given out, with some being very amusing.

It is with sadness that tomorrow brings an end to our trip, a long bus journey to Munich airport, then a flight back to Heathrow.