29 Mar 2018
Slippery slopes

Thursday 29th March

Day 5 in Wagrain was all about wet weather! Unfortunately, rain being the order of the day, conditions and visibility were again challenging; this did not stop our plucky students from throwing themselves down the mountain in a slightly overzealous manner - typified by Emmy Burkinshaw producing a spectacular wipeout!

This aside, all the students again showed progress, with the beginners attempting some off piste skiing - through trees and off small jumps - as well as the more advanced learning to do upwards of 3, 360 degree turns, enough to make anyone feel a bit sick!

The middle of the day allowed the students to channel their inner Bode Miller, competing against each other in a slalom time trial. All the students thoroughly enjoyed it, with the most important news being Miss Strange - an excellent skier - came last, even losing to Mr Lockyer!

While most were concentrating on their ski technique, Isabella Hope found time to work on her Irish jig, dancing up the slope to a standing ovation!

Another long day skiing came to a close with the students staying on the mountain, following a different route, and actually skiing back to the hotel; which in the conditions, was all the more impressive.

After another hearty Austrian dinner, the students walked to a local water park to burn off some more energy, enthraled by the slides, river rapids and indoor/ outdoor elements, before coming back to the hotel for a well earned rest.

Tomorrow brings us sadly to the final day of skiing, 30 hours of hard work will have come to an end. We will however be closing with some final presentations - from the instructors and staff - alongside a pizza night and packing our bags to prepare for our heading home on Saturday for a well earned rest!