27 Mar 2018
Snowed under

Tuesday 27th March

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW and even more snow.

Todays conditions were not for the faint hearted as it was a test to be on the slopes with the lack of visibility.

They started the morning off learning to calve in slightly trickier conditions with some very entertaining wipeouts and a few games of hide and seek along the way.

We broke early for lunch to feast on an Austrian special, a chocolate and cream Kracpfen (doughnut), as you can imagine they were not too speedy to get back on the slopes and perhaps slightly sluggish.

Credit has to be given to all the students who in poor visibility managed to conquer not only the Funpark and red slopes but some difficult moguls culminating in Grace Clarke performing jump turns - well done!

Tonights entertainment saw the standard school ski trip quiz, where the kids expressed plenty of energy and emotion during the round entitled “Seaford Skis Got Talent”.

Highlights from this were the girls from room 7 impersonating the staff, closely followed by the boys from room 2 performing a ‘unique’ dance!

Looking forward to tomorrow, the instructors have said the students should wrap up warm, with wind chill giving temperatures a feeling of -11 degrees! We are sure this will test their mettle, as well as their skiing technique! It’s also been the most amount of snow Wagrain has had in the last 36 years!!!