16 Jul 2017
Tour Blog - Day 17

After packing our bags last night we relaxed in the morning and enjoyed our last breakfast at the Colonial Club, Cairns. We then headed off to the airport for a short flight down to Sydney, our final internal flight of the trip. On departure the sun was shining and some spectacular views from the plane window throughout kept the majority of the tour party entertained. Similarly a great view of the Opera House and the Sydney Bridge as we approached the runway was stunning.

Upon landing a swift exit through the terminal and we boarded the coach to our accommodation in Collaroy. As we approached the accommodation the area was amazing with gorgeous sand beaches and spectacular views. As we entered the accommodation it was clear that it was not up to the same standards we have experienced thus far in Australia. This was quite a shock to many, but after some reflection the tour group put this past them and headed out for a walk down the coastline to Reef Point, in the hope to see some whales travelling up the coast. Sadly none were seen but yet again amazing sunsets and vistas were on show.

The group made their way back to the hostel and headed out for dinner at the local Italian restaurant, before getting an early night in preparation for the activities on offer tomorrow and the boys fixtures vs King’s Parramatta.